Create a Marble Tile Backsplash You Can Enjoy For Years

It’s gorgeous, and every woman’s dream in her kitchen! The problem is, not everyone is handy enough to create a marble tile backsplash. However, we have news! You don’t have to be an expert architect or craftsman to integrate a marble tile backsplash for your kitchen at all. In fact, you can do this in a day or over the weekend if you want to take your time. There are multiple color schemes you can choose from too. This upgrade in your kitchen can add instant aesthetic appeal, but better than this—it instantly adds equity to your kitchen! Amazing, isn’t it?

Boost That Wow Factor and Build a Marble Tile Backsplash

So how do you do it, and what tools do you need? You really don’t need a lot, to be totally honest. In fact, most families can find everything that they need at their local Home Depot or Lowes. Better yet, they find these items affordable and long-lasting too! So, shall we get started with the steps it takes to integrate a backsplash in your kitchen that is going to make you smile every time you see it? Let’s just begin with listing the materials that will be required and then we can go on and list those step by step instructions.

Materials Required

You will need a number of items to get this started, but the following will be critical to a great outcome:

Painters tape
Electric drill
Mixer bar
Plastic drop cloth, brushes, stir stick, tape measure, dust mask (all the necessities that most have on hand here)
Flexible grout admixer
Stone sealer
Tile spacers
Rubber grout float
Grouting sponge, pencil, grout saw (materials for specific tiling jobs)
Orbital sander

If you’re in doubt, you can ask a sales associate at any home improvement store and they can make certain you have all necessary materials. The ones we’ve mentioned are some of the most important, and some of the more common for any home improvement job too. Now that we’ve touched on the majority of the materials you’ll be needing, let’s move on to the step by step process right now.

Step by Step Instructions for Creating a Marble Tile Backsplash

marble tile backsplash

To begin, you need to determine exactly how much tile you’ll need to complete this DIY. Simply multiply length by height and maybe allow an additional 5% for excess.
You need to prep your kitchen and protect your existing counter tops and appliances. We suggest moving off all loose items on counters. Use cloths and plastic on counters and floors.
Start sanding the area where you’re going to apply the marble tile backsplash, and make sure it is even, smooth and measured appropriately too.
Use painters tape to save painted surfaces that aren’t going to be tiled over.
For beginners, gradually mix in the mortar to make tile adhesive. Doing so too fast can ruin the product. You want it lump free and pretty much the consistency of a smooth peanut butter.
Begin spreading mortar and applying marbled tiled in small sections at a time. Make certain you are placing each evenly so that there won’t be any unevenness with the finished project. At the outside edges, use the pencil first so a border can be created.
You want to apply full tiles where the counter meets the backsplash. You can also do some cutting in this area because it’s going to be less visible. Make sure to leave a gap around edges for the caulking!
Remember to keep everything level and balanced using the spacers. Don’t forget you want to individually place the tiles around outlets, and this has to be one at a time. Some don’t have outlets where they are placing a marble tile—so that will make it easier! However, if you do, take your time and space appropriately.
Once your mortar is fully dried you can remove the spacers and finalize the backsplash. A quickset adhesive might be easier to work with for newbies! Once all set, you need to seal the marble before grouting.
Apply grout and work quickly too. You want to apply from all angles and once a haze sets in, wipe clean. Don’t forget to use enough pressure to work the grout into gap areas to seal!
You can’t actually apply the sealant on the grout for 1 to 2 days, allowing plenty of time for it to completely cure.
The final step is to caulk between the countertop and backsplash!
marble tile backsplash


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