Fitting a Garden Tap on the Outside of the House

Fitting a garden tap is not difficult. To be honest, there is nothing mysterious about plumbing at all, except some plumbers like to hide their work. The image of the showroom is a good example. All we have are hot and cold water wipes coming in, and drains taking the wastewater away.

Builders normally put the ‘wet rooms’ – bathrooms, kitchens, laundries – against external walls so it is easier to install and maintain the pipework from outside. This also makes adding new lines relatively simple too. In a previous post, I explained how to join copper water pipes. Let’s take the logic further and insert an outside tap in a line.

Materials Required:

Tee-piece with screw connector and compression couplings, screw-in tap, plumber’s tape

Tools Required:

Hacksaw, round file, flat file, two flat spanners

How to Go About Fitting an Inline Tap
Step # 1: Unscrew the compression couplings from the online tap. Note how deep the recesses are where the pipes would go from either side. Subtract the total of both depths from the width of the tee-piece. This gives you the amount of pipe you need to remove.

fitting a garden tap
Screw-In Tap: Anita Martinz: CC 2.0
Step # 2: Mark the pipe where you want to insert the tap, and where the two cuts must be. Turn off the water supply. Spring the pipe an inch away from the wall using wooden blocks. Cut the section of pipe away. Tidy up the inside and outside edges with the files.

fiting a garden tap
Garden Tap Installed
Step # 3: Screw the tap into the tee-piece using plumber’s tape. Slide the compression nuts and rings over the separated pipes. Slide one end into the tee-piece. Release the wooden blocks allowing the second pipe to connect.

Step # 4: Tighten the compression joints by hand. Have an assistant hold the tap in the position while you simultaneously tighten the two couplings. Turn the water on and test. Tighten the couplings slightly if there is seepage.

Here’s a photo of a job I did some time ago outside my workshop which is not the tidiest place. Trust me: Fitting a garden tap is dead simple.


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