Top 7 Cheap and Easy Home Decor Tactics

Did you know that something as small as painting a room and adding some colorful motifs can totally transform your living environment? Clearly, the goal is to uplift your home in an affordable manner–and we have some really amazing cheap and easy home decor tactics that might be perfect for you! When you want to save money, but you’re tired of seeing the same artificial flowers on that corner table you can spruce it up on the cheap.

Take something as simple as mini vinyl blinds. You know, those somewhat tacky looking, plain white window coverings…You can turn these into Roman shades with no sewing involved at all by simply folding the top fabric over the lining and then pinning! Iron and press then you’re ready to go. Simple, right–and it’s cheap! Now, if this isn’t cheap and easy decor at it’s best, we really don’t know what is! Let’s get more simplistic for a moment, but realistic at the same time.

Many families invest a lot into their flooring, specifically their kitchen flooring. Some families go with linoleum while others go with hard wood, and still others go with the more modern laminate flooring that looks like wood but isn’t. Well, you want to protect that flooring, but kitchen chairs sliding across it can scuff and even pull it up in places. If you place bottom little sliders onto the legs of your chairs you’ll save yourself a fortune on flooring, and protect your dinette furniture at the same time! It’s amazing what you can do when you really think about it. There are all kinds of practical decor tricks for the home. Some of these are for interior designing and some to make more practical sense.

Let’s look at 5 other simple ways you can brighten up your home with little to no spending involved at all.

Integrating Practical With Cheap and Easy Décor Strategies

Remember, creativity is key to invigorating your home and adding some interest. Take your entrance way for instance. There are so many things you can do with a foyer on the cheap! Painting your door, adding some outside plants, and maybe putting some new lighting can really provide aesthetic appeal. Just think, you might only invest $25 to $40 dollars doing this. Below are some other impressive home decor options to choose from:

When you’re working with small spaces and you need to organize all that clutter you can make a storage bed. This can be done in one day. The following link will illustrate exactly how to get started.
A mudroom bench would be a fun and easy DIY weekend project, and perfect for your foyer. You’ll be thankful for it on those rainy days when you need somewhere to put rain boots and umbrella’s! Check out how to create a mudroom bench right here.
Why not build a coat closet? You can take a small space in your home and easily get started with a chop saw and some other necessary tools. You might want to go that extra mile in styling your closet door, but you don’t have to spend too much either! Check out how to get started with this DIY here.
Have you considered a pantry closet? Some families like to stockpile groceries. If your home didn’t come with a nice food pantry you can turn any room into one! You can actually take out a space to build something like this fairly easily–especially if you have a handyman available!
If you want custom closet organization you can have it. Not only is it practical (especially for kid’s rooms) but it is affordable to do. This is another one of those weekend, or even day DIY projects. These are certainly easy to install and you can get everything you need from your local Lowe’s hardware store!

In our next piece we are going to actually choose something similar to one of these strategies we’ve discussed here with you and explain how to get it done step-by-step. You’ll love the practicality, user-friendliness and definitely the end outcome will be pleasantly rewarding! Don’t forget to always start with understanding DIY instructions. This will remove any confusion and agitation for you. Are you ready to get started on that personal project now? Let’s wait no more. We hope to see you visiting again to follow up!


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