Why did no one tell homeowners about this government plan?

Wake Up America…mortgage rates

Acting now is crucial…
Don’t lose your home, rates are at an all time low and they will increase unenvitably. Taking advantage is easy…

For a long time banks have made sure to keep this plan a secret. Homeowners like you out of the loop means more profit for banks that overcharge on interest rates. You are stuck doing all the foot work keeping up with your payments while you fill their already fat wallets. Now, that’s all changed. Thanks to iOwnAHome, a startup by middle class homeowners devoted to putting money back into the middle class (you). Just like Expedia or Orbitz saves you on hotels/flights, iOwnAHome saves you money on your mortgage.

52% of Americans can’t afford their house says a study done by Hart Research Associates. Homeowners have been kept out of the loop about a mortgage plan Obama launched in 2009. If you live in a qualified zip code you may be entitled to a lower mortgage rate.

What exactly do you need to do? Here is one simple rule to follow.
You must compare quotes. Don’t even consider refinancing or purchasing a home without doing this first. The results we came across are shocking. And with free services like iOwnAHome on the rise, comparing quotes today so you aren’t accidentally costing yourself money is a breeze.

iOwnAHome is effecting the lives of millions of middle class homeowners like Elliot and his girlfriend who saved their home from foreclosure refinancing through lenders provided by iOwnAHome and saved them $42,679 on interest fees. The best part? iOwnAHome matches you with lenders who tailor rates based on your budget within minutes. You, too can save like Elliot. It’s no wonder with so many homeowners saving money, services like iOwnAHome are getting so much buzz from homeowners nationwide. Banks, however; are not happy.

“Without the help of iOwnAHome, we would’ve lost our dream home we worked so hard for…” – Elliot R.

The time to act is now…
Step 1: Check if you qualify

Step 2: Answer 5 easy questions about your home and see your savings. Putting money back into Americans pockets has never been so easy!mortgage rate


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