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What are some budget-friendly home improvement ideas?

Whether you put them in the ground, in a pot, or a mix of both, you can install a tempting introduction to your home in an afternoon by taking a quick trip to a local hardware store, greenhouse, or farmers market. To make things easier for you, organize your DIY supplies with common household items. Details make the difference, and you can prove that with big impact and little effort improvements that you’ll enjoy every day. Give your home a complete look for less with affordable off-the-shelf molding from a

local DIY center.

For this idea of renovating your home, think about using vinyl floors, laminate flooring, or ceramic tiles. Get inspired by these garage storage and organization ideas (many of which can be adapted to basements, potting sheds, and other DIY spaces). Tackle common home improvement projects and transform spaces that are often overlooked with

simple and budget-friendly updates.